Salmonfest Seattle is now

The Lake City Summer Festival. 

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SalmonFest Seattle 2017 welcomes a broad range of vendors for an incredible, outdoor market in North Seattle. We know you want to be a part of it!
Register now for the SalmonFest Seattle! To be registered, all steps below need to be completed within 1 week of application date. If you need longer to get a good photo, please let us know when your images will arrive.
  1. Complete your application and click “Submit.”
  2. Pay for your booth space. Your reservation is not guaranteed until payment is received.
    Please call our office to pay by debit or credit. Service charge applies.  206.363.3287  OR
    Mail to: North Seattle Chamber of Commerce, 12531 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125
  3. Required: Email 2 photos of your product and 1 photo of your booth, (jpg files) to:
    Valerie Claypool, 247 Events NW
Want to know more about the SalmonFest Seattle? Visit our FAQ Page.
Any questions regarding becoming a vendor at SalmonFest Seattle, please contact Valerie Claypool

Food Vendor Section is Full






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