James Taylor – Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll has been a tradition in America for as long as America has been a country. Classic rock and roll always has been, and still is a favorite kind of music among older Americans. When thinking of classic rock, the name James Taylor comes to mind as an artist whose work relates to everyday life. Without a doubt, every song relates to some aspect of everyday life. James Taylor said, “I seem to write a lot about going from darkness to light. Like longing, its a theme I find myself returning to again an again. A few songs that James Taylor sings really hit home when thinking about life in general.

He seems to show a great deal of knowledge about dealing with lifes problems simply through his writing and singing. Three songs written and performed by Taylor that emphasize life are “Youve Got A Friend”, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)”, and “Carolina in My Mind”. The lyrics in these three songs all talk about the importance of friends and how you should be a good friend, because they are important. The chorus of “Youve got A Friend” has a line in it that is extremely significant to all of Taylors writings. The line says “you just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, Ill be there, youve got a friend.

I feel that James Taylor is such an excellent classic rock artist and an all around good person because of the messages he portrays in his writings and his music. His attitude while performing reflects his all around outlook on life, which is a good one. James Taylor was born into a rich family in Boston Massachusetts in 1948. His childhood taught him about friendship and the importance of being a good person because Taylor, the small, quiet, skinny child that he was, did not have many friends so he knew the ones that he did have were important. He started writing songs from the late 60s to the early 70s.

His mother was a classical soprano and helped Taylor and his siblings become musical and get discovered by other musicians. At the age of 15, James Taylor won a local talent contest for sings/songwriting and decided to make it a life long profession. James first joined a rock band with his brother at the age of 16. The band was called the Fabulous Corsairs. James Taylor was and still is the embodiment of the American signer/songwriter. His work is an excellent sample of what kind of person he is. Taylor is a sound, good-natured person, with a good heart and soul, which is clearly shown, through his music.

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