Society Has A Great Concern Toward The Particular Medicine Known As Cloning

I choose this article to comprehend the abilities which bioethics gives us. Through generations, technology has advanced immensely. Though cloning is a new technology to the public, it has been around since 1978 The birth of Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby, whom generated great controversy. Society has a great concern toward the particular medicine known as cloning. Scientists claim, Through discoveries of disease-related genes, the Human Genome Project has brought hope that human suffering inflicted by inherited diseases might be alleviated.

This statement proves the fact that science can eliminate disease, but at the same time I believe that humans creating life is inappropriate. My views about cloning are mutual with the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II understands cloning to be a sin in the eyes of the Catholic Church, and giving life should be left to God alone. The latest break through in cloning was a sheep named Dolly, she had been cloned through here mothers genes. It took Roslin, (a team of scientists) years of research and preparation before Dollys birth became possible. Cloning is an enormous step for man in the scientific world.

With knowledge such as this, scientists have massive power. Cloning duplicates a living organism exactly, discarding as to how its brain functions. People thought of cloning as to be a great tool in our world today. One example I came across one day in the Toronto Star, was imagine having a team full of Micheal Jordans What the population failed to understand, was that a clone of something carries all attributes of the original except for the mental characteristics. Looking back at the statement the team would be identical physically, but mentally they may not play as well as the original Micheal Jordan.

One more factor is regarding whether cloning is ethical or not in our society. Many of the issues generated by advancements in the biological and medical sciences aid in practical matters, sometimes needing consent from government figures. Not all medicine or biological practices are good, for example nuclear technology. Which includes such things as building bombs that can destroy half of the planet. A second scary detail is that there are not many skilled scientists and they are scattered all around the world, some not having any control over what they create.

If a scientist cannot control his or her own creation, how are we the society supposed to defend ourselves from such formations. In conclusion cloning is not the most ethical thing to do. Sure science is placed ahead in its studies, but the practices may not be suitable for the rest of society. Numerous of occasions new technology like this is introduced for the simple fact of giving a good name to technology, without considering the affect it may have on the great population. I just hope that the more intelligent and advanced we become through the next generations, we keep a sense of control and not let things get out of hand.

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