The Rocking Horse Winner

Different people have different character traits. Some traits are good and some traits are bad. In many cases, the character traits affect other people, especially if the person is a relative. That is why it is so important to realize that your actions affect other people beside yourself. We must take this into consideration before we act. When you describe the mother in the play, many things come to mind. She was a beautiful woman who was very well off when she was younger. Yet after she got married, everything went down hill. She was used to a certain type of lifestyle that she had when she was younger.

Even though her husband provided for her a modest lifestyle, she is never satisfied with it. This was a major cause of her marital problems. We see from the story that she is a very negative person. She blames her husband for all of her problems. She believes that her husband has bad luck, and that is the cause of her unhappiness. She feels that now that she is married to him, she too has bad luck. She is never satisfied with what she has. We see this when her son won a lot of money betting on horses. He wanted to give his mother a present. He knew that if his mother ever found out that he bets on horses, she wouldnt let him do it anymore.

Therefore he went to his mothers lawyer and asked him if he could say that one of her relatives died and left her five thousand dollars. She would receive one thousand dollars per year on her birthday. Yet this wasnt sufficient for her. She wanted all the money at once. So she contacted her lawyer and asked him if she could have all the money at once. The lawyer said yes, yet she was still miserable. Her negative attitude not only affected her, but it affected her whole family. Throughout the story her misery spreads throughout the house and it whispers. This causes great anguish to the son who just wants everyone to be happy.

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