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SalmonFest Seattle will host a Community Street Festival as part of their annual, celebration of summer, August 4-6, 2017. We wish to make this a festive, fun, event with lots of great booths and an exciting array of gifts to offer shoppers! 

To be considered as a vendor:

  1. Complete the application online or print and complete and mail to: North Seattle Chamber of Commerce at 12531 28th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98125.
  2. Pay the Application and Booth Fees through our PayPal link or mail a check to:  North Seattle Chamber of Commerce, 12531 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125.
  3. Email the following Valerie Claypool at
    (3) photos of your work
    (1) photo of your booth
    A description of your product line and price ranges.

After application, fees and photos are received, a letter of acceptance will be emailed to you. After acceptance, there are no refunds.


Electricity: Electricity is not provided by the Festival. Generators are not permitted in non-food vendor booths.

Vendor Check-in and Set-Up: There is one way in and one way out during Vendor Check in. See the Vendor Check-in map for detailed instructions. Vendors must arrive between 7AM- 9:30AM to be permitted in the vendor area. Please unload your items and move your vehicle out of the vendor area as soon as possible.

Booth set-up can resume after vehicle is parked. Set-up of all vendor tables and displays are to take place on Saturday, August 5, 2017 from 7AM-10AM.  Vehicles must be off the street by 10AM.

Day of Event: All Vendors must be at their booths by 10:30AM on the day of the Festival. The Festival Coordinator will sound a bell, and the event will be open to the public.

Cash and Debit/Credit: Each Vendor is expected to be able to make change for their cash sales. No “bank” will be provided by the Festival. 

Parking: On the day of event, Vendors may enter the street festival area from one direction and will be directed by event staff park on the surrounding streets, the Library parking garage and at Lamb of God Lutheran Church at 28th Avenue NE and NE 125th. Vehicles parked in the Library parking garage must remain there until the Festival closes that day. No in and out privileges. If you have staff that must leave early, have them park on the side streets.

Booth take-down: Vendors must remain at their booths until the completion of the Festival Sunday at 5PM. Booth take down can start as soon as the Festival closes. Vehicles may enter the vendor area from one direction only and will be directed by Event Staff. Booths need to be completely disassembled and packed in your booth space before bringing your vehicle into the Vendor area. See our Good Vendor Tips for details.

Booth Security: Vendors are encouraged to cover for each other or have a friend to take over sales for a meal (or restroom) break. No booth should be left unattended during the Festival hours. If volunteer staff is available, they can stand in your booth while you are away. Just ask them! Volunteer staff will be wearing festival t-shirts and badges..

Sales Tax:  Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying their own sales tax. If you do not have a City of Seattle Business License, we are required to collect a Trade Show License Fee with your application.

For questions, please contact Valerie Claypool, 206-335-9665 or

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