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The Lake City Summer Festival. 

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SalmonFest Seattle is a feat of hard work and meticulous planning, with a lot of people coming together to set it up and ensure it runs smoothly. All festivals depend on volunteers to ensure they go ahead. This festival could not happen without you! If you can, volunteer with a friend as you can usually get paired up with them. 
Groups can volunteer together! Your company, civic, church or other group can sign up to set up the festival, serve salmon, bus tables, toss the trash. We’ll give you a festival t-shirt, but you can still wear your organization’s shirts for free press!
We have separate applications this year for volunteering at the Festival or the Salmon Bake. After we receive your application, we’ll send you a link to schedule your shifts!

Do I need experience?

In most cases no experience is necessary, but training will be provided.

What will I do?

SalmonFest Seattle get their volunteers to help out with tasks such as giving out programs, serving food, taking tickets, car parking, monitoring gates, litter picking or just keeping an eye on things. If you already have experience in things like leading a team of volunteers, you could end up taking on a role with more responsibility if you wish. We need leaders!  You can sign up for one shift or several. We appreciate your time! 

Where do I sign up?

Choose either application to volunteer! If you want to volunteer at the Festival one day and the Salmon Bake the next, that’s fine too. You’ll need to fill out both applications.

Please complete the application below to volunteer for the Festival!

Please complete the application below to volunteer for the Salmon Bake!

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