DancingFish2015SalmonFest Seattle 2015 Announcement


hornSalmonFest Seattle has changed the dates to the second weekend in August. Come and celebrate with us August 7th, 8th and 9th 2015 and delight in our first class entertainment, hand-made crafts, delectable foods, and an un-paralleled Salmon Bake. Discover fun and magical surprises at every turn. We invite you to join us for SalmonFest Seattle for an unforgettable adventure.

Get ready for SalmonFest celebrating it’s 75th Anniversary Bringing together arts & crafts and great food.

More Breaking News!

The Lake City Parade will take place on festival weekend after all! August 8, 2015, 7 PM.

For information email: lakecityparaade@gmail.com.



The Emerging Artisan Market

thThe Emerging Artisan Market (T.E.A.M) is a new feature beginning this year during the SalmonFest. It will be located inside of the Lake City Community Center during the festival on Saturday and Sunday.

Our concept is simple, yet not unique. We were inspired to build the T.E.A.M by Grow Washington, a non-profit organization that helps Washington entrepreneurs become sustainable businesses.  By concentrating on relatively unknown artists, the T.E.A.M was born.

All items presented are handmade, in the USA, by the vendor.  We do not accept mass produced, buy/sell items, sales reps or flea market items.  The Emerging Artisans Market prides itself on displaying the handcrafted workmanship of our local artisans.

The Emerging Artisan Market was created to allow young or emerging artists the chance to share their artwork with SalmonFest Seattle audience! This is its inaugural year. The Emerging Artisan Market is where you will find artists displaying their work all weekend. Visit their tables and help support local art!

We have so much for you to get involved in that we can’t even number the amount of fun to be had on two hands! Not only can you satisfy all your art-viewing and art-buying needs, you can tickle those taste buds by enjoying our famous and delicious Salmon Bake and satiate a thirst in our new and comfortable Beer Garden. 

craft pic

 Please join us in discovering incredible new artisans, surrounding ourselves in new and contemporary artwork during the Salmon Bake on Saturday, August 8th, and Sunday, August 9th.

Some fun memories from last years SalmonFest

Getting ready for Salmon


 Chef Michael making sure that the Salmon is perfect


Looking good. It’s ready


Now it’s time to feed everybody 


We served over 2400 dinners to happy people


Time to hit the festival



2014-06_Sundiatta Festival (Pearl Portraits) 21



TEGC 2013 Cropped (1)

To all of the wonderful people who volunteered to help…


A great big THANK YOU!








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